Lumiscrub vs. Porie Pro Tool: Which Is Right For Your Skin?

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At-home facial treatments have become an integral part of our quarantine lifestyles. From weekly masking to deep cleansing sessions, skin care has become the ultimate form of self care. However, with so many tools and treatments it can be challenging to discover which skin instrument is right for you. Especially when it comes to the crucial skin-clearing practice of cleaning out decongested pores! For the best pore-cleaning experience, we recommend our cult-fave pro tools, The Skin Spatula or The Porie Pro. Both chic, gentle, and insanely effective! Keep reading to see which tool is best equipped to handle your skin concerns, and help you achieve a clear, healthy and glowing complexion.


Ultrasonic Lumiscrub Facial Pro Skin Spatula

This specialized skin spatula tool elevates your skin game by utilizing vibrations, micro-currents and advanced ion technology to boost cleansing and exfoliating results for all skin types. The customizable vibration intensities work by opening clogged pores to loosen blackheads and other impurities for the ultimate deep cleansing experience. But, this multipurpose tool does more than just clean, it also assists in applying the rest of your skin care routine! Your Pro Skin Spatula will work with you to massage on your go-to cleansers, exfoliants, serums and moisturizers; avoiding any chance of pushing in unwanted oil and dirt from your fingertips. 

To use, apply your desired cleanser and gently guide the Lumiscrub Pro Skin Spatula across the face for five to ten minutes. For undeniably glowing results, we recommend using your skin spatula with your favorite Skin Camp cleanser, exfoliator, serum and moisturizer combo. 


Porie Pro Blackhead Tool

Blackheads, beware! This is the ultimate blackhead remover tool. Featuring four interchangeable attachments, customizable suction frequencies, and blue and red light therapy, the Porie Pro cleans deep beneath the skin’s surface to reveal a flawless, refreshed and clear complexion. It’s the gentlest, yet most effective blackhead removing facial treatment. The Porie Pro works hard to extract unwanted impurities and boost your natural radiance. 

To use, start by cleansing face with warm water to open up decongested pores. Next select a suction attachment and insert the filter. Power on your device and adjust the suction levels to your comfort level. Lastly, choose your preferred light therapy, blue or red, and begin banishing your blackheads!


Which Tool Is Right For You

Now that you’ve studied and discovered all of the glowing benefits of each pro tool, which one is right for your skin type and facial concerns? Let’s break it down. Both tools add immeasurable value to your current skin care routine. For the ultimate deep cleansing and soothing experience, the Ultrasonic Lumiscrub Facial Pro Skin Spatula is your new best friend. From clearing out impurities to massaging on cleaners, exfoliants, serums and moisturizers, this all-in-one tool is perfect for you. However, if you’re looking to really focus in and strip your skin of stubborn blackheads with a gentle touch, then hands down, the Porie Pro Blackhead Tool is your new go-to clearing treatment. It’s the ultimate intermittent intensive treatment, with impressive results. 

Basically, whichever tool you choose, you can’t go wrong. And if you really can’t decide, you can always just get both–we won’t judge!

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