Model Beauty Routine: Tamara Plzak

Model Beauty Routine: Tamara Plzak
We love learning more about what products and ingredients are a go-to for beauty lovers. This week we touched base with Tamara to find out how she maintains such a smooth, glowing complexion. Read on to find out!
Tell us about yourself?
My name is Tamara Plzak, I am originally from Congo and started modeling at 16 back in my home country. I was on and off mostly just doing fashion shows for “Vlisco” and other New designers. I came here 4 years ago and started studying Human Biology. Modeling is something I do because I love it.


What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty is confidence to me, I believe that anyone is or can be seen as a beautiful person as long as they feel confident about themselves. 


How does skincare fit into your lifestyle as a model?

Skin care is a must because as a model my face is what people look at first during a casting.


What's your go-to ingredient in your favorite skincare?

My go-to ingredient is definitively water. If there is not enough water in my system I know I would wake up the next day with an unwanted friend on my face.  


What products & tools do you include in your skincare routine? 

I use a black soap to clean my skin and vitamin E as a face lotion. The masks I use are the ones with Vitamin C. I mostly just use my fingers to massage into my face. 


What is your hero product or tool?

My hero product is Vitamin E. 


Any latest beauty trends you’re currently loving?

I am currently loving the face yoga exercises. 


Where do you go to find beauty tips & tricks?

Mostly YouTube! 


What is your go-to for relaxing after a long day? 

Definitively a bubble bath.


What is one skincare secret you are willing to give away?

Lots of water in your system and then Vitamin E as a night face cream. 


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