How to Treat a Puffy Face

How to Treat a Puffy Face

No one likes waking up, looking in the mirror, and seeing a puffy face staring back at them. A puffy face is the result of too much fluid collecting under the skin, causing it to inflame and bloat. While most cases of a puffy face are related to overindulgence and lack of self-care (see below), they can take a hit on your confidence and be a source of frustration. If you have the occasional puffy face, we’ve got you covered with helpful products and tools to treat it. Read on to learn what causes a puffy face, how you can get rid of one, and more.


Common Puffy Face Causes

Why is my face puffy? There are multiple reasons you could be experiencing puffiness in your face. The causes range from bad habits like a poor diet, too much alcohol, dehydration, and lack of exercise to allergies (seasonal, food, and medication), to a sinus infection, thyroid problem, pregnancy, and even sunburn. Your puffy face could even be due to a combination of these causes. To prevent a puffy face in the future, the best thing to do is to adopt healthy habits. Get more rest, reduce or eliminate alcohol, exercise, eat healthy, and hydrate. Consult your doctor or medical professional if your puffy face persists or think it might be related to a medical condition.


How to Reduce a Puffy Face

Now that you know the causes of puffiness in the face, you probably want to know how to get rid of it! We’ve rounded up our favorite puffy face-fighting products and tools to take your skin from puffy to perfect.


Ice Roller

When you have a puffy face, become an ice queen. Cold therapy, the act of applying a cold object directly to the skin, is a skin de-puffing miracle. The cold temperature on the skin boosts circulation and causes blood vessels to contract. This reduces puffing, redness, and swelling. The Skin Gym IceCoolie Ice Roller is the perfect tool to grab to cure an unwanted puffy face. Pop the travel-friendly stainless steel roller in the freezer for a few minutes then roll the skin upwards and outwards. Your puffy face will melt before your eyes leaving your skin glowing.


Facial Rollers

Facial rollers are a tool that gives you the most bang for your buck. They massage the skin and mimic a professional facial massage to boost circulation and de-puff the face. They also sculpt, lift, and define the skin as well as firm and tone it. We love the Skin Gym Face Sculptor to give skin the deep-knead it needs. The Skin Gym Jade Facial Roller is also an excellent choice for massaging the puffiness out of the face while also releasing jaw tension and aiding in lymphatic drainage. Choose either facial roller for your skin to look de-puffed, relaxed, and radiant.


Hydrating Eye Masks

Puffy eyes, begone! Eye patches are a quick fix to get rid of puffy eyes in ten to twenty minutes. The key to finding the right eye patch for de-puffing is in the ingredients. They should be hydrating and nourishing to leave the skin de-puffed, refreshed, and recharged. Our favorite is the Youth Haus CryoCool Eye Mask. Not only does it contain a Peptide Complex, Seaweed Extract, and Vitamin E, but they give your skin an extra boost of radiance and cold therapy if you pop them in the fridge or freezer a few minutes before use.


Facial Cupping

While facial cupping is having an “it” moment in the Western beauty world, it’s a form of traditional Chinese medicine that has been around for quite a long time. Promotes circulation which helps decrease inflammation aka puffiness. The Skin Gym Facial Cupping Set brings this professional technique home. The silicone cups give your face a complete de-puffing workout that leaves you with a glowing complexion.


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