How to Use a Face Roller to Achieve Smooth, Glowing Skin

Here you will learn everything you need to know about how to use a face roller to enhance the glow of your skin.

"Rolling into the week with glowing skin" — the caption on your latest Instagram facial roller selfie, probably. And you're 100% not wrong. These beauty devices are the perfect mix of skincare and self-care to create a gorgeous, radiant complexion. Skin Gym Face Rollers are innovative skincare tools used by beauty enthusiasts worldwide (including myself) to make it easy to look refreshed and feel good every-single-day. No spa treatment needed.

Here is exactly how to use your Skin Gym face roller to achieve gorgeous and glowing skin!

Everything You Need To Know about a Face Roller

You know that refreshed, radiant complexion that you have after a facial at the esthetician's office? Now you can recreate that look with one of our many Skin Gym facial rollers, right from the comfort of your own home.  

Don't get me wrong—I love Skin Camp facials as much as the next person. But there's something genuinely soothing about rolling these beautiful tools across your face and giving your skin a touch of relaxation after a long day. You might be shocked by how quickly the skin transformation starts happening after incorporating a facial roller into your daily routine (I was). 

No 20-minute YouTube tutorials or lengthy handbooks are needed. The concept of a facial roller is extremely easy but incredibly effective. Roll in different directions across your skin, and watch as it enhances your best features and makes your skin brighter and more beautiful than ever before. 


Face Roller Benefits

Here is everything you need to know about skincare rollers for de-puffing and glowing your skin.


1. Less puffiness. The term "lymphatic drainage” is thrown around a lot when talking about facial rollers, and while that’s a bit science-y for my taste… I couldn’t deny the impact of my facial roller. With each roll of my new beauty tool, the toxins and waste underneath my skin seemed to disappear, removing puffiness and creating a sharp jawline I didn’t even know I had. My tip to you? Always start at your neck for the best results!

2. The dark circles under my eyes are gone. My facial roller has a small stone on one end to get the hard-to-reach areas, like the delicate under eyes and around the mouth!

3. One word: glow. My facial roller gave me the same glowing, gorgeous complexion that I get after an in-spa facial. And we’re talking about a “barely even need tinted moisturizer, and definitely not foundation” kind of glow. 

4. I felt so spiritually well and at peace. Depending on which type of stone you choose, you’ll receive both physical and spiritual benefits. For example, Rose quartz is my favorite. It’s known as the symbol of love and beauty, and my skin feels all loved up the second my Rose Quartz facial roller touches my skin. Skin Gym also has facial rollers in Jade, Amethyst, Sodalite, Red Jasper and more for a variety of health and healing benefits.

    How to Use a Facial Roller?

    Here is a guide showing you how to use your skin gym face roller


    I've already told you to start at the neck when using your facial roller, and you'll see why. Rolling your way up will create your most radiant, non-puffy, and relaxed complexion, ever. Use the larger stone to roll around your face's broader areas, such as cheeks, forehead, and jawline, while using the smaller stone across your mouth and eye area.


    Do Face Rollers Work?

    Answering all of your questions about face rollers like how they work to give your skin a gorgeous, glowing, and radiant complexion.


    This depends on how often you are using your facial roller, and when you are using it. We recommend using your facial roller twice a day during your morning and evening skin care routines. The AM rolling will give your face a boost of energy to start the day, while the nighttime session will relax your skin before bed and help you wake up with a major glow. 

    If you don't have time to use your tool twice a day in the beginning, start with 3x weekly and work your way up. And of course, don't forget to apply your favorite serum before rolling! Your skin care routine will never be the same once your facial roller starts making your skin glow for days (and nights)!


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