7 Skincare Tips to Keep Your Skin Healthy Heading into Fall

7 Skincare Tips to Keep Your Skin Healthy Heading into Fall

There are many beautiful things about fall - pumpkin spice lattes, Halloween movies, and an excuse to wear vampy lipstick every day… just to name a few. But there are also the not-so-great things to deal with as autumn approaches, like the chilly air that can wreak havoc on your skin. As the sun sets on summer and you become all about fall, you may start to notice your complexion become more dry, red, or acne-prone. The pimples you haven’t seen since high school are making a reappearance, while the cold weather is making your face, hands, and lips more dry than ever before. Not the most fun way to start the season of fireside chats and all the best holidays. But you can still enjoy autumn while keeping your skin healthy, you just need a few beauty tips to prevent damage and deliver hydration. So much hydration. Start your fall skincare routine with face rollers for healthy skin, antioxidant serum, and the best beauty tips below! 

Switch your Moisturizer

A lightweight, gel moisturizer feels great during a summer heatwave... but you’ll need to switch up your skincare routine as temperatures drop. The lack of moisture in the cold autumn air means that your skin will likely dry out with it, and the best moisturizer for fall will deeply hydrate the skin - removing dry patches and keeping your skin smooth and soft when you need it the most. That’s exactly what you’ll get with the Skin Gym Radiance Moisturizer, formulated with calming Plant Extracts and antioxidants to protect against the environmental stress of autumn while providing an extreme boost of hydration.

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Face Rollers Are Your Friend

Skincare and self-care meet with face rollers, a trendy beauty tool that you simply roll across your face in various directions for a smooth, glowing complexion. The benefits of face rollers are endless, especially in the autumn - from a radiant and more balanced skin tone to a recharged under eye area that’s perfect for when you stay up too late studying for midterms. Skin Gym has all the best face rollers for healthy skin, helping you beat the dreaded dullness that happens in the fall while providing spiritual benefits through stones like Rose Quartz, Jade, and Amethyst. All you need to do is apply our Supercharged Serum, choose your favorite Skin Gym face roller, and use it for a few minutes each day to feel the effects of this beauty tool while achieving the most glowing skin for fall. 

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Don’t Forget Serum

A few drops of antioxidant serum a day keeps the dullness away - don’t forget that this fall. This skincare savior isn’t talked about nearly enough, as it packs a lot of power in one lightweight formula. Generally applied after cleansing (with our Bare Face Cleanser!) and before moisturizing, an antioxidant serum like ours is composed of very small molecules, and contains active ingredients that are absorbed quickly and easily into the skin. No mess, no irritation, no heaviness… just glowing skin and good vibes this autumn. Supercharged Serum is packed with antioxidants to treat the worst fall skin issues - like dryness, dullness, fine lines, and lack of moisture. You already know to use it alongside your face rollers for healthy skin, but it will really amp up your autumn skincare routine when used with your cleansers and moisturizers!

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Masks, Masks, Masks

Everybody loves a good mask moment, especially when the fall air starts to dry and dull your skin. As the ultimate symbol of self-care, these beauty tools let you relax and recharge as you apply your favorite masks to hydrate, nourish, and energize - and not just on your face, but your under eyes and lips too! Start with the Youth Haus 24k Gold Face Mask, formulated with powerhouse hydrating and anti-aging ingredients like Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Retinol and Bakuchiol to look more youthful and bring your summer glow back, even in the fall. Then glow all out with our hydrogel masks like Hydra-Gel Rosy Hearts Eye Mask and Hydra-Gel Rosy Lip Mask - each formulated with nourishing ingredients to hydrate and smooth the delicate skin around your eyes and lips, often the first areas affected by the chilly fall air. Bonus tip? Use your face roller over your mask to boost the effectiveness of these products, and discover the benefits of face rollers and masks in autumn and beyond.

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Always Exfoliate

You can cleanse and moisturize as much as you want, but exfoliation is key when trying to keep your skin healthy this season. Impurities like dirt, oil, blackheads, and dead skin get trapped within your pores, causing even more dryness and dulling your skin’s natural glow before the virtual homecoming dance. Not an ideal situation. Your fall beauty routine needs an exfoliating tool, like the Skin Gym Ultrasonic Lumiscrub Facial Pro Skin Spatula. It uses vibration, micro-currents and advanced ion technology to deep clean and exfoliate, and the results are a bit of a skincare miracle. As you remove impurities from within the skin, you’ll restore your natural radiance as your Skin Gym cleansers, moisturizers, and masks are more easily absorbed into the skin. Smoother, brighter, moisturized and radiant skin awaits this fall when you exfoliate.

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Use More Hyaluronic Acid 

If you’ve made it this far down the list, you know that dryness and dullness are the biggest skin issues that occur in the fall. And there’s one ingredient that can boost your skin’s hydration and brightness for all seasons: Hyaluronic Acid! A substance that is naturally produced by the body, this skincare hero holds up to 1,000 times its own weight in water… and is included in countless skincare products to hydrate, brighten, firm, and smooth out the skin. But we can’t stress the hydration enough, as Hyaluronic Acid truly is a skincare savior for those dealing with dry skin. Keep your skin healthy this fall with the Skin Camp Hyaluronic Hydrogel, formulated with water-filled liposomes made of phospholipids and seven bioactive humectants to flood your face with moisture and defeat the dreaded dry patches this season.

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Glow with Gua Sha

You already know about the benefits of face rollers, and now it’s time to meet another massaging tool to bring your brightness back this fall - Gua Sha! This small stone is used to scrape your face in an upward, outward direction to release muscle tension - along with adding definition to your features and creating a radiant complexion. Like your face roller, it’s available in a variety of gorgeous stones, and only needs to be used for a few minutes each day to see major results. Have a final that you’re super stressed about? Gua Sha. Need glowing skin super quick before a Zoom first date? Gua Sha. Just want to indulge in the ultimate tool for beauty and wellness that’s sure to make a statement this fall, as we continue practicing self-care from the comfort of our own home? You guessed it… Gua Sha. 

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Fall In Love with Healthy Skin

Adjusting to the weather transition from summer to fall isn’t always easy, and there will definitely be times where you wonder if your pumpkin spice latte is worth the massive breakout you just got. Ugh. The good news? There are masks, cleansers, serums and more to keep your skin looking bright and healthy all throughout autumn - all you need is a little patience. Trust your antioxidant serum and exfoliating tool to give your skin the fall glow up it deserves, and have fun Christmas shopping while your complexion glows brighter than the holiday lights. Fall is here, and you’ll enjoy every moment of it with these top skincare tips to keep your skin healthy all season.


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