Why the Gua Sha is Becoming a Popular At Home Skincare Tool in 2020

Why the Gua Sha is Becoming a Popular At Home Skincare Tool in 2020

If you’re wondering why the Gua Sha is becoming a popular at home skincare tool in 2020, all you really need to do is head to Instagram. As a global pandemic continues to keep us inside, people are stepping away from glam makeup and picking up skincare and self-care products instead - proudly sharing photos or videos with their new beauty tools for glowing skin. Amongst the most popular? You guessed it… Gua Sha.

All About Where Gua Sha Comes From

Like many of today’s most popular skincare techniques, the Gua Sha originated hundreds of years ago as a form of Chinese medicine. Practitioners would use a flat stone to apply pressure and scrape the skin, treating muscle pain and tightness. However, this massage was far from relaxing, and would often result in deep red marks or bruises. You’ll be happy to know that today’s Gua Sha technique is much less intense, but just as effective for your skin!

What Are the Benefits of Gua Sha at Home? 

“I used the Gua Sha stone in the shower with my face wash, which helps with my face's tone and glow.” Jenna Dewan told Elle. “It's something I can do from home pretty easily.” Even celebrities love using their Gua Sha tool during quarantine, and there are plenty of reasons why the Gua Sha is becoming a popular at home skincare tool in 2020. This pocket-sized stone is used to scrape and massage, fitting perfectly into every curve of your face for incredible beauty and wellness benefits… right from the comfort of your own couch. These include: 

  • Released muscle tension 
  • Glowing and luminous complexion
  • Enhanced and sculpted features (like the chiseled jawline you didn’t even know existed!)
  • Refreshed under eyes to look more awake
  • Soothes the most stressed or tired skin

Let’s be honest here… there’s a good chance that you A) can’t even remember the last time you wore makeup, or B) can count on one hand how many times you’ve done an eyeshadow look since quarantine began in March. That is why the Gua Sha is becoming a popular at home skincare tool in 2020. Staying inside creates a desire for skincare products and subtle, glowing skin rather than full glam, and using your Gua Sha for just a few minutes each day can produce a luminous complexion that looks gorgeous on your Zoom calls. Not to mention that a facial massage with your Gua Sha doesn’t just release tension in your facial muscles, but also serves as a relaxing self-care session that can do wonders for your psyche in these stressful times.

Is a Gua Sha Home Skincare Tool Right For You?

Short answer: yes. The Gua Sha stone is a tool that combines ancient healing rituals with modern beauty techniques, and is incredibly effective for people of all ages, skin types, and lifestyles. No fancy equipment or instruction manual required, just you and your gorgeous stone as you enjoy a relaxing facial massage from your living room. Even when “relaxing” isn’t exactly the word any of us would use to describe 2020. 

Which Gua Sha Shape is Best For Me?

The time has come to choose your Gua Sha shape. This tool is available in multiple designs to fit every unique style and/or face shape, made to target both large and small areas of the face for maximum effectiveness. Here are a few Gua Sha shapes from the Skin Gym family, and how they can help you glow hard and stay home during your quarantine beauty routine.   


Our most popular Gua Sha design that’s available in multiple stones, you need Sculpty in your self-care routine. The broad shape makes Sculpty easy to grip, and the longer and flat side is ideal for use on the larger areas of your face, like the neck and cheeks. The divot in this tool perfectly hugs the curves of your face, like the jawline for extreme definition, and may also be used gently around the under eyes to refresh your look. Try Sculpty in Rose Quartz, Jade, Amethyst and Obsidian!

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Shaped like a heart for the ultimate self-love session, you can count on Lovey to enhance and define your features like a dream. The longer sides are ideal for scraping down your neck, while the curved portion (where the heart separates) is meant to embrace your jawline, nasal bridge, or any other formation in your facial structure. Use the smaller, curved edge at the top of your Lovey tool to lightly scrape the delicate under eye area, give yourself heart eyes while hiding the unfortunate effects of last night’s 2AM Netflix binge.

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Like the Sculpty tool, the Square Gua Sha has longer edges that work effortlessly on larger areas of your face, like the neck and cheeks. But the jawline is where our Square shape truly shines - with two smaller, curved ends that hug your jaw to release tension and produce a relaxed, sculpted look. If you deal with TMJ or jaw issues, the Square Gua Sha may just be the shape for you.

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Spread your wings with this shape, and our Skin Gym Jade Gua Sha Crystal Beauty Tool. The dents in a Wing Gua Sha make it easy to target the smaller areas of your face, like the eyes and bridge of the nose, while the longer side works wonders on your jawline for a relaxed and radiant look. As a bonus, you’ll just love the peace and balance that jade brings to your self-care routine!

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Which Gua Sha Stone Color is Best For Me? 

After you’ve decided which Gua Sha shape is the best fit for you - the real fun begins. You get to pick your signature stone that represents not only your favorite color, but the healing powers and metaphysical properties that you’d like to manifest with your Gua Sha. From radiant Rose Quartz to Amethyst for spiritual protection, here are a few things you need to know when picking your Gua Sha stone.

Rose Quartz

Calling all pink lovers, this one's for you. But Rose Quartz is more than just a pretty face, as it’s also the stone of universal love and positive energy - two things that we all need in our lives and beauty routines. Infuse your face with these positive vibes with every scrape of your Rose Quartz Gua Sha - because you deserve it. This stone also has a cooling effect that stays cold on the skin regardless of how long you use it, amplifying the effects of your facial massage and helping you feel the love. 

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While 2020 has been a year of uncertain times and many changes, you can still feel a sense of balance with your Jade Gua Sha. This stone represents peace, wisdom, and balance - helping to even out and calm down your complexion when you need it the most. If the relaxing facial massage from your Gua Sha wasn’t calming enough, Jade will bring even more peace as you transform your beauty routine and discover why the Gua Sha is becoming a popular at home skincare tool in 2020.

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Known as the royal crystal, Amethyst is an incredible stone to use with self-care rituals. It also delivers spiritual protection that keeps you (and your skin!) safe against negative energy and bad vibes. The purple, textured design of this stone is the ideal blend of edgy and elegant, and you’ll be feeling the same way as you incorporate Amethyst into your self-care routine.

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Don’t let the deep black of Obsidian fool you, as this stone definitely has a soft side. In fact, the “truth stone” will make you feel all warm and fuzzy with each facial massage… as it's a naturally occuring volcanic mineral that holds warmth no matter how long it stays on your face, making it ideal for a warmer facial massage. Like Amethyst, it also protects against negative energies and has strong spiritual ties for those who’d like to get really into their Gua Sha technique.⠀⠀

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Buffy Bian Stone

Embrace every natural curve and contour of your face with this uniquely-shaped Gua Sha tool. Designed with you in mind, this shape hugs your skin to get to know your face in an authentic way, creating a glowing and gorgeous complexion in the process. Looking to give your face a little extra TLC? Your Gua Sha tool works with you to lift and sculpt cheekbones, relax forehead muscles and refresh your under-eyes for the ultimate self-care session. Plus, Bian Stone is known to protect your aura & align chakras, purging the body of any negative energy! 

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Cleo Bian Stone

Say hello to our Cleo Gua Sha, aka your skin’s new best friend. This shape is designed with intricate edges to cater to every curve and contour of your face for an added boost of natural radiance and glow. Enhance your forehead, jawline and cheeks with a few daily strokes for healthy and relaxed facial features, and a ready-to-glow look! And to ensure good vibes only, Bian Stone helps protect your aura and chakras from negative energy!  

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Gua Sha in 2020: Why it Became So Big

It’s easy to see why the Gua Sha tool has a place in 2020, and beyond. The stone mixes self-care and skincare to help you glow from the inside out - with compliments from your co-workers about how radiant your skin looks on Zoom calls, and defined cheekbones that inspire confidence when you look in the mirror. Among other things that help you (literally) look and feel good in your own skin, exactly what we all need in uncertain times like 2020. Discover your favorite shapes and stones and start using this luxury tool from Skin Gym in your quarantine beauty routine!

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