Re-Usable Mask Collection

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The Skin Gym Reusable Mask Collection, with eco-friendly 100% silicone forehead and under eye patches, helps your skincare soak in deeper and targets wrinkles better.

You’ll never need another sheet mask again. The Reusable Mask collection, containing a Forehead Mask and Under Eye Patches, targets wrinkles in an eco-friendly way. The 100% silicone is flexible and adheres gently to skin for as long as you wear the masks.

  • Apply a thin layer of your skincare and let set for 10 seconds
  • Wet the application side of the mask or patches with water and wait 5 seconds
  • Apply application side to skin and wear for 10-20 minutes or overnight
  • Remove mask or patches and gently massage extra product into skin
  • Wash mask or patches with warm water and dry thoroughly before storing
  • Eco-Friendly
  • 100% Silicone
  • Gently stays on skin
  • Supercharges Skincare