What to Know About Your Beauty Lifter

What to Know About Your Beauty Lifter - Skin Gym


Relax. Radiate. Recharge. In that order. All that and more is right at your fingertips with a massage session from your Beauty Lifter, or vibrating T-bar. Beauty and technology intersect with this innovative tool, giving a whole new meaning to “in-house massage” as your face receives a boost of good vibrations and gorgeous glow that proves that self-care is a science. Your new favorite beauty tool has arrived, and it’s always here to lift you (and your skin!) up when you need it most.


What is the Beauty Lifter?


Good vibes are a must when adding to your beauty and self-care routine, and the Skin Gym Beauty Lifter Vibrating T-Bar has tons of them. Ancient beauty rituals meet modern tech with this chic tool, designed with sonic vibrational technology to mimic the effects of a traditional massage while relaxing and refreshing the face. Seriously, picture the serene sensation of a facial massage at your favorite spa, and then imagine it amplified with sonic vibrations and a touch of radiance with every roll across your face. All from the comfort of your own home. That’s why you need a Beauty Lifter.


Of course, this tool doesn’t stop at the feeling of relaxing supersonic vibrations across your face. Incorporating the Beauty Lifter into your routine is the key to toned, lifted, vibrant, and beautiful skin that fits your self-care routine to a T (bar).


  What are the benefits?


While it delivers many of the same results as a classic facial roller or gua sha, such as refreshed skin and a rosy glow, the Beauty Lifter takes self-care to the next level. Within minutes of using your vibrating facial bar, you’ll feel a tingling sensation as you begin to relax and recharge, energizing and “waking up” the skin. And after using the tool consistently, that’s when the real magic begins. As you roll the device along every curve and contour of your face, the supersonic vibrations will begin to sculpt and enhance your natural features.


You know that rosy, radiant complexion you get after a facial massage? The Beauty Lifter will give you that, and much more, right from your living room. It’s an innovative sculpting and contouring tool to brighten and beautify your skin, without the use of needles or contour powder, and help you relax physically and mentally while reviving your tired complexion and putting your most beautiful face forward.

How to use?

Start with the application of your favorite facial oil or serum on clean skin, followed by short strokes along the curves of your face. Gently massage your face and neck in upward and outward motions, starting from the neck and moving along your chin and cheeks.


Try to avoid the under eyes, or massage very gently, to carefully treat the delicate skin in this area. Do this routine for 10–15 minutes each session, a maximum of twice a day. Pro tip? A session with your Beauty Lifter during the morning and before bed can do wonders to prep your skin and start (or end!) your day with beautiful skin and positives vibes.


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