5 Secrets to Radiant, Dewy Skin

5 Secrets to Radiant, Dewy Skin - Skin Gym
5 Secrets to Radiant, Dewy Skin
Dewy, glowing skin is the ultimate goal for any skincare enthusiast.
And while you can always “fake till it you make it” with highlighter or a
sparkly moisturizer, it’s easier than you may think to achieve a naturally dewy complexion. Hint: hydration, lots of it. Dewy skin reflects light through natural oils, giving you that gorgeous glow that beauty enthusiasts try to emulate all year long. So skip the matte finish and get ready to glow all out with 5 secrets to radiant and dewy skin.
1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate
If it wasn’t obvious, the secret to dewy skin is hydration. It’s what
flushes out toxins to improve complexion and keep skin looking radiant. Studies show that drinking just two cups of water can increase blood flow to the skin, evening out skin tone and complexion. On a more dramatic note, water can even combat skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and acne. The more water you drink, the better the balance of water and oil on the surface of your skin, which can
decrease breakouts and discoloration while giving you the most gorgeous dewy glow. Basically, they aren’t kidding in health class when they tell you that hydration is everything.
2. Rest & Relax
Sleep. Eat. Party. Have Fun. But seriously, don’t forget to sleep. Once
you start getting a full eight hours of sleep each night, the real dewy
skin magic starts to happen. Your skin needs beauty sleep to
regenerate and recover, and not getting enough of it can seriously dry
out your skin, or worsen conditions such as acne and eczema. And
then there’s the fact that it can cause wrinkles and speed up aging. No thanks.
When you are sleep deprived, your body makes cortisol. Elevated levels
of cortisol increase stress and inflammation, which can lead to an
increase in the breakdown of collagen and hyaluronic acid - the
molecules responsible for your skin’s glow, suppleness and
translucency. If you’re missing out on sleep you’re likely suffering from
poor water balance, which is what leads to puffy under eye bags, as
well as dryness and visible wrinkles. While you’re sleeping, your skin is
able to recover moisture while it rebalances your body’s hydration. So
treat yourself, take that afternoon nap and revive your skin’s natural glow.
3. Eat right
Glow like a goddess by eating like one. Goddesses do not skimp out on nutrient rich foods to keep their skin radiant and glowing. Luckily, there are tons of fruits, vegetables, nuts and omega-3s that are up for the job. So even if you’re a picky eater, the options are vast. On the vegetable side - carrots, spinach and sweet potatoes contain beta carotene, a nutrient and antioxidant that protects skin from sun exposure, acting as a natural sunblock. On the fruit side – red grapes and berries are known for containing resveratrol, a compound that reduces the effects of aging, by slowing the production of harmful free radicals, which damage skin cells. If you’re suffering from dry skin, you might have an omega-3 deficiency. Omega-3 fatty acids keep skin supple and moisturized. Rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids include fatty fish such as salmon, or fish oil supplements if you don’t eat fish. Vitamin E is one of the most important antioxidants for your skin, which in addition to fatty fish includes avocados, vegetable oils, nuts such as almonds, peanuts and hazelnuts, seeds such as sunflower seeds and leafy greens such as spinach and broccoli. Even chocolate in the right form can keep your skin gorgeous and glowy. So treat yourself... as long as it’s dark chocolate!
4. Develop Healthy Skincare Habits
In addition to healthy and smart lifestyle choices, a smart skincare routine can ensure your skin stays radiant, dewy and clean. Find a reliable non-abrasive cleanser that you can use daily such as the Skin Gym Bare Face Cleanser, which cleanses and removes makeup at the same time with a gentle foaming lotion that is water-activated and designed to accommodate all skin types. A daily moisturizing routine, morning and night, will keep skin moisturized and radiant. The Skin Radiance Moisturizer is formulated with calming plant extracts and antioxidants to moisturize deeply. Also create an exfoliating routine for a deeper clean and to remove impurities and dirt. Our Skin Camp Mud and Charcoal Mask is an intensive, mineral-rich treatment masque for a deep thorough clean. Since our skin relies heavily on hydration, treat your face to hydrating skincare products such as the Skin Camp Hyaluronic Hydragel, formulated with a blend of water-filled liposomes. Lastly, don’t forget to give the area under and around the eyes extra love and hydration, since the skin is thinner and more prone to creasing and wrinkling. The Skin Camp Hydra-Gel Rosy Hearts Eye Mask is infused with collagen, hyaluronic acid, amino acids and caffeine for extra hydration and extra love.
5. Abandon Harmful Habits
Some habits are very obviously bad for your skin and overall health, like smoking. Seriously, don’t do it! Also abandon other milder habits, such as touching your face regularly, which can lead to breakouts or overdoing it with coffee, which will dry out your skin. You know the drill - negative habits yield negative results, so keep your focus on the positive and you’ll be glowing in no time. Radiant, dewy skin is not just
one action. It’s a state of mind. It’s how you behave and live. If you’re serious about gorgeous dewy skin, then create a lifestyle and skincare routine that will keep your skin gorgeous and radiant unconditionally.

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