Everything to Know About Microneedling

Everything to Know About Microneedling - Skin Gym

Microneedling is way more fun than it sounds, we promise. While the idea of thousands of tiny needles touching your face may seem a bit daunting at first, a home microneedling facial is a beautiful way to unwind and take your home skincare routine to the next level. A derma roller is the secret to glowing, gorgeous skin, and all you need to do is close your eyes to feel like you’re getting pampered inside the esthetician’s office. Except that you’re not… you’re living your best life with your new favorite tool while laying on the couch watching Netflix, and it’s seriously the best thing ever.


What is Micro-needling?


How far can you glow? Microneedling is a trendy beauty technique that consists of using a dermaroller, like the Skin Gym 3 Piece MicroRoller Set, to roll across your face in multiple directions for a variety of beauty benefits. While that may sound a bit similar to your classic facial roller routine, your dermaroller makes things a lot sharper. In more ways than one.


These tools consist of roller heads with hundreds (or even thousands!) of small needles located within the wheel to penetrate the top layer of the skin, creating controlled wounds. It may seem scary at first, but don’t be worried… the microneedling process knows exactly what it’s doing. The needles are so tiny that you won’t feel too much pressure (more on that later,) and by creating small punctures within the skin, this tricks the body into healing itself. 


What are the benefits?


Believe it or not, hundreds of needles to the face and a few micro injuries are the best thing you can do for your skin, and a dermaroller like the Skin Gym 3 Piece MicroRoller Set is the ideal addition to your home beauty routine. 

Collagen aside, don’t underestimate the power of punctures. Regular use of your microneedling set will allow your favorite serums, oils, and moisturizers to absorb more quickly into the face, showing you a major skin transformation that only gets better when combined with other home skincare products. Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, excess serum from your favorite sheet mask… the effects of the microneedling session combined with your favorite ingredients will create a glow up like never before.


What should I know?


When you hear that you’re going to be rolling hundreds of needles into your skin with your new dermaroller, it’s natural to ask the real question… does it hurt? And the answer is yes, and also no. You may feel a few pricks and a slight feeling of discomfort as you ease yourself into your new microneedling routine, but this will get better with time. If pain or discomfort persists, try switching out the head of your microneedling set for one with smaller needles. And don’t worry if you experience a bit of redness right after your session, as this is totally normal and will subside.

How often should you use your microneedling set? Start with once a week, and then ease yourself into 2-3 times weekly for best results. While a home microneedling session is not as strong as the one you would receive in an esthetician’s office, you’ll still see a radiant, even complexion almost immediately, along with a reduction in acne scars and other significant skin improvements after just a few weeks. Like with any other home beauty tool, you’ll want to apply serum or facial oil onto clean, dry skin before pressing the microneedling device to your face… and be gentle to ensure that your skin stays safe and stunning as you ease into the new addition to your self-care routine.



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