Reusable Forehead Mask
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Recharge. Revive. Reuse. Our 100% silicone, re-usable forehead mask helps to provide targeted wrinkle treatment for those stubborn 11s and forehead and wrinkles in the most convenient and eco-friendly way. Designed to be used with your favorite skincare products.

1. Put a thin layer of your face serum and wait 10 seconds.
2. Wet the application side of the forehead mask patch with water and wait 5 seconds before applying.
3. Apply your mask patch and wear for 10-20 minutes or overnight.
4. Remove mask and gently massage excess product into the skin
5. Wash with warm water after use (you can use a light soap and make sure to dry thoroughly before placing back into storage)

Store your mask in the container for next use, and refrigerate if desired.