Cryo Stainless Steel Facial Roller
Skin Gym Stainless Steel Facial Roller

Skin Gym Cryo Stainless Steel Facial Roller

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A Cold Therapy Facial Roller 

Kickstart your morning skincare routine with the Cryo Stainless Steel Facial Roller! Designed with 100% stainless steel, this roller will give your skin an instant glow. The Cryo Stainless Steel Roller, a naturally cool material, is a convenient and almost instant way to reap the benefits of cold therapy without the hassle. Simply roll over your face in an outwards direction for a relaxing facial massage. 

How to Use the Cryo Stainless Steel Face Roller

1. Apply your Skin Camp serum, oil, 24k Gold Mask, or moisturizer on freshly cleansed skin. Our recommendation? The Supercharged Serum!

2. Begin rolling gently at the neck area

3. Move up towards the jawline and cheeks, and roll in outwards motions towards your hairline

4. Use smaller stone to roll very gently around your eye area

5. Repeat on other side of the face

6. Perform outward and upward strokes with your roller for 5-10 minutes daily.

7. Finish your workout with Skin Camp moisturizer.

How to Clean the Stainless Steel Face Roller

To clean your roller, simply wipe with gentle soap and water. Dry thoroughly.