Model Beauty Routine: Moe Stuck

Model Beauty Routine: Moe Stuck
We got in touch with Los Angeles based model, Moe Stuck, to find out what is in her skincare routine and what beauty tools she's currently loving. Let's find out!

Tell us about yourself? 

I was raised in Council Bluffs, Iowa and moved here shortly after graduating college with a desire for a change of scenery and a lot of growth! Shortly after arriving to LA I got picked up by agencies for both acting and modeling and I haven’t looked back since.

Working as a freelance artist has its ups and downs, but the freedom it has given me to explore and express myself makes it all worth it. Prior to the pandemic, I spent so much of my time outside of work traveling and pursuing entrepreneurial ventures. Coming from a small town, as a young girl, it seemed unrealistic to ever think that I’d be able to travel the world, let alone, live in different countries, own my own businesses, and the biggest one of all, make money by expressing myself in front of a camera! If I could go back and tell the little girl pretending to be Alice in Wonderland beneath the trees in her backyard that everything you want to be, is just beyond your reach, I would. I’d tell her that who you are is always with you, but ever-changing. Don’t box yourself and stamp it with a label in attempt to aid others in understanding you. You're the only one who has to do that and it cannot be done with labels and words. I model, I act, I write, I own a business, I love to travel, the list goes on and on, but who I am now is not a guarantee of who I will be or what I will do next. I take pride in allowing myself to embrace the ever-changing uncertainty of my future and lean into it.

What does beauty mean to you?

To me, beauty is what we choose to see in ourselves and in doing so, what we ultimately see in others, and in everything. Without running the risk of getting too philosophical here, I spent most of my life thus far chasing an idealist view of what I thought beauty was not only externally, like society teaches us on the billboards and magazines, but also, internally, within myself. For so long I’ve chased happiness in various forms such as success or relationships, and, ran away from anything fear-based in avoidance of pain, failure, vulnerability, or hardships. If there’s anything 2020 has taught me, it’s that everything is beautiful, just as everyone is beautiful. Even the messes, the suffering, and the pain. You can’t fully lean into one, without experiencing the other in equal measure. I’m learning to appreciate and find beauty in both and the balance between the two. That is what beauty means to me.



How does skincare fit into your lifestyle as a model?

Whether you are a model or not, taking care of your skin is just another act of love and appreciation for self. I practice skincare, not because of my career, but because I genuinely enjoy washing my face and trying out various natural products on it. It’s important to note skincare doesn’t have to mean buying a bunch of “trendy” products. A skincare routine can be something as simple as waking up and splashing cold water on your face, doing a little temple message, or making your own at-home face masks and creams from fresh produce items like avocado, watermelon, cucumber, or lemon.

With the rise of the beauty and cosmetics industries, I’ve started to notice unhealthy patterns of thought where I think I need to buy something in order to be taking part in self care, good skincare, or, having healthy skin. This is not true. Beauty companies often sell products by manipulating people into thinking that a certain “type” of skin is necessary in order to be beautiful. Phrases like “reduce pores” and “get that glass skin look” are trending, meanwhile, my thirteen year old sister is calling me crying because she can’t understand why she’s saving up her money to buy skincare she sees on tiktok or instagram and doing the skincare routine, yet, has pimples and pores still. I do skincare, have done beauty campaigns for brands on display at ULTA and SEPHORA, and I still get acne and have pores, most of the time even when shooting! No one has “perfect, pore-less, glass-skin” even if the lighting and makeup in the photo was so flawless, it made you believe they did. This year I got hired for a job for a beauty company because they wanted skin that displayed a real acne break out for the shoot. I truly hope that we continue to see more push in the direction of displaying what’s real to the public so consumers feel great about whatever your skin is doing that day and know that it’s normal and you are beautiful.

What's your go-to ingredient in your favorite skincare?

I don’t really have a go-to ingredient because I don’t have a set routine for my skincare. I love trying new products, especially because my skin is always changing with my hormones. What my skin needs one week, may not be what it needs the next. However, recently I’ve started checking the ingredient list on everything I buy and throwing out anything that has harmful ingredients. My focus has been on products and brands with clean, simple, and natural plant-based ingredients. I’ve also started to try skincare that’s infused with quality CBD and adaptogenic herbs such as Rieshi, Horsetail, He Shou Wu root, etc, there are so many. Making sure the brand cares about responsible and organic sourcing of their ingredients is important to me too.


What is your favorite Skin Gym beauty tool?

For me, it's the Rose Quartz Facial Roller. I love grabbing it from the freezer in the morning and rolling it across my puffy eyes. It feels so good!

What products & tools do you include in your skincare routine?

As I already mentioned, my skincare routine is ever changing, but, I recently incorporated cupping therapy once or twice a week and I loved the results. I occasionally experience adrenal gland fatigue due to hormonal imbalances that occur around my period and ovulation cycles. Cupping along my face and neck seemed to really help move the inflammation I am feeling in those areas and help it to subside, as well as brighten my skin. I also felt less stressed in the areas that hold tension around my temples, eyes, and neck, which is really the most important part-how you feel!


What is your hero product or tool?

I recently started using Collagen Booster Face Oil by Anima Mundi Apothecary and I’m obsessed. I love their products and most are more about what goes into your body rather than what you put on top of it. I really saw a difference in my skin after using it and I love that I can blend it with anything. I also feel really good about expressing my support for the product and brand because it’s made from 100% plants, is organic, all their ingredients are responsibly sourced, making it sustainable for your skin, and the environment.

Any latest beauty trends you’re currently loving?

I’ve been trying a lot of beauty trends that don’t require me to spend any money, seeing as we are in the middle of a global pandemic and the majority of people cannot spend excess amount of money on beauty products, myself included. With that being said, no amount of money spent on products can replace getting the proper amount of sleep, drinking plenty of water, eating a clean, plant-based diet, and starting and winding down your day with stress-reducing activities such as meditation and breathing exercises.


Where do you go to find beauty tips & tricks?

My go-to place to find beauty tips and tricks is my friends. Recommendations from people I trust and have tried the product, service, tip, or, trick, will always be my most verified and revered source for information regarding beauty. In this oversaturated and ad-consumed world we currently live in, and, with everyone on social media trying to make a quick buck off of your every click and online purchase, I find that making sure your source of information is one you can trust, is of the utmost importance. That means taking advice from people, podcasts, articles, etc, I know that have a similar code of ethics and set of beliefs closest to my own.

What is your go-to for relaxing after a long day?

Meditation, followed by writing, and/or a good-book, my companion, a hot cup of tea.

What is one skincare secret you are willing to give away?

I really don’t like sharing this one because it is a long time family secret but..... SMILE, laugh, play, and be so unbelievably goofy and I swear you’ll see the best skincare results you’ve ever had in your life!


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