Model Beauty Routine: Brynn Beaudoin

Model Beauty Routine: Brynn Beaudoin

model Brynn Beaudoin

We got in touch with New York City based model, Brynn Beaudoin, to find out what is in her skincare routine and what beauty tools she's currently loving. Let's find out!

Why is skincare important to you as a model?

Skincare is important to me as a model because I am in front of the camera weekly. Blemishes are normal and impossible to avoid completely due to hormones and stress.  However, I still follow a routine that minimizes potential breakouts. 


What's your go-to ingredient in your favorite skincare product?

Hyaluronic acid is my go-to ingredient because I have super dry skin. I recently started using Grace & Stella’s hyaluronic acid serum. I also consistently use the Jet Lag Mask by Summer Fridays, which has hyaluronic acid as an ingredient. 


Why is finding a skincare routine important to you?

A skincare routine is important to me because it is an act of self-care. I have been prioritizing my health in the last few years and I have noticed that a consistent routine brings forth the best results. You need to start from the inside out too. Stay hydrated, exercise, eat clean, take your vitamins and get plenty of sleep. 

skincare beauty routine

What products do you include in your skincare routine? 

I have been using Cosmedical Technologies for the last year and a half. I start my routine with the salicylic face wash, then I use a toner, after that I apply a green tea and vitamin e serum. After that, depending on what my skin is craving I will use the Summer Fridays CC Me serum or the Summer Fridays Jet Lag mask. At night, I have been using the Laneige eye sleeping mask and the Laneige Lip mask in berry.


Where is your go-to place for skincare suggestions & tips?

My go-to place is definitely @heydayskincare because they offer guidance and explanations for your type of skin and what products you should be using. I started following the account after I met a girl who works in their marketing department. It is extremely helpful! Along with that, I bother my esthetician constantly. Everyone should find that go to person who is licensed to help in person. I get HydraFacials at least once every three months!


Any latest beauty trends you’re currently loving?

I love that quarantine has everyone embracing a fresh face with no makeup. 

Brynn Beaudoin with face mask

What is your favorite way to relax after a long day? 

Taking a warm shower, making a cup of tea, throwing on a face mask with comfy sweats and watching a movie. 


What is one skincare secret you are willing to give away?

A skincare secret I swear by is Manuka Honey. I put it on my face for about 20 minutes like a regular mask. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that will help with acne and leave your face feeling smooth.


What's your favorite Skin Gym beauty tool?

The jade facial roller and the gua sha tool for sure. A majority of the time I wake up with a puffy face due to some autoimmune issues. I was always skeptical about the sculpting tools but these have significantly helped with my inflammation and blood circulation. I usually use the tools after I apply my serums. 

model Brynn Beaudoin

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