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Swipey Makeup Remover Towel
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Makeup removal made easy. Simply add water, wipe away makeup, and enjoy a fresh face in minutes. Eco-friendly and chemical-free.

Not in the mood to spend forever taking off your make-up? We've got you. Our Skin Gym Swipey Makeup Remover Towel is here to make the make-up remover process more fun. Instantly go from glam to a fresh-face in minutes just by simply adding water to your Swipey Makeup Remover Towel, and wiping it along your face. Bye-bye makeup. It's that easy.

✨Reusable Makeup Remover 




✨Just add water.

After you've dampened your Swipey Makeup Remover Towel with warm or cool water, gently sweep it along your face and body. You'll instantly notice that makeup, debris, and oil is erasing on contact. Once you are finished, simply it ring out excess water, and lay it out to dry. 

✨Soft and gentle for sensitive skin

✨Doesn't pull or tug on the skin

✨A pre-cleanse to your facial cleanser