Model Beauty Routine: Kelsey Heitzman

Model Beauty Routine: Kelsey Heitzman


We are here to give you the latest beauty trends models are loving right now. This week on Model Beauty Routine, we caught up with LA-based model Kelsey Heitzman. Read on for her biggest skin care secrets and exactly which products she uses to keep her skin clear and bright!


Tell us about yourself?

I am 22 years old. I graduated in December from Michigan State University with an honors degree in Finance. I moved to Los Angeles in January to model full-time. I love rollerblading, thrift shopping, and finding local restaurants/small business to shop at. I am also the proud dog mom of an adorable shelter pup named Walter!



What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty is continuously changing and evolving. I find beauty in one’s ability to challenge standards, wear whatever they want, and feel comfortable in their own skin. I think when we try to pinpoint exactly what beauty is, we give the concept too much power. Beauty is subjective, but it is also omnipresent.


How does skincare fit into your lifestyle as a model?

Skincare has been a high priority of mine for a long time. I have naturally acne-prone skin, so I’ve had to work hard to maintain my routine, especially on shoot days. My acne is triggered by all sorts of things: stress, greasy foods, makeup, etc. so, I always make time for skincare no matter how busy I am.


What is your favorite Skin Gym beauty tool?

I am a huge fan of all facial rollers. I like to keep mine in my freezer and use it first thing in the morning. I love using a facial roller on days I don’t wear makeup to still give my face a sculpted look.


What products & tools do you include in your skincare routine? 

No matter what skin type you are, the three products EVERYONE should incorporate into their routine is a retinol, vitamin C serum, and sunscreen. Over anything else, these are the products that are going to keep your skin looking young and healthy!


What is your hero product or tool?

Aquaphor. It is in my car, in my purse, on my nightstand, on my desk, and in my pocket….at all times. I probably apply Aquaphor to my lips 100 times a day. It’s also great for any cuts or dry patches.


Any latest beauty trends you’re currently loving?

I’ve been loving using lash serum! I use Rodan and Fields Lash Boost and my lashes have doubled in length. I’m not a huge fan of the maintenance that comes with lash extensions, so this is my solution to the long lash trend!


Where do you go to find beauty tips & tricks?

My dermatologist. I trust the experts over Tik Tok any day!!


What is your go-to for relaxing after a long day? 

Cruzer’s vegan pizza and watching Community on Netflix.


What is one skincare secret you are willing to give away?

Using a reusable cotton pad and baby oil to remove your makeup is not only more gentle on your skin, but also has less waste than using makeup wipes! 


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