This Is The Correct Order To Apply Your Skincare Products

This Is The Correct Order To Apply Your Skincare Products

We know that life can be complicated, but your skincare order doesn’t need to be. Self-care should be simple and fun, and you’ll be fresh-faced and ready to glow once you begin using the best order of skincare products. You may have known that cleanser always comes first, but are you choosing to skip the toner? Are you using a serum for a protective layer and luxurious glow? And then there’s eye cream, the underrated hero that should always be considered in your skincare steps order.


There’s a reason that thousands of people search “what order to apply skincare?” each day – with so many products to keep track of, it can get confusing. Chemistry in your skincare order is the secret to a healthy complexion, as using the wrong moisturizer with your favorite serum could render your beauty routine ineffective at best and irritation-inducing at worst. Even as you experiment with new tools, your order of skincare products must stay the same, and we’re here to tell you what exactly that is. Next time you approach your beauty shelf, you’ll want to stick to the following order of skincare products.


Step 1: Cleanser


To the surprise of virtually nobody, cleanser is always the first step in your skincare order. You need to remove the makeup, oil, and dirt that’s collected throughout the day, as your other products need a clear canvas to properly absorb into the skin. A pro tip? Those who wear a full face of makeup should first opt to remove makeup with our Swipey Makeup Remover Towel to dissolve every last trace of foundation, eyeliner, and blush, before going in with face wash and the Cleania Sonic Cleansing Brush to ensure you have a clean base for the rest of your skincare order.


Step 2: Toner


While this is an optional step, don’t discount the value of toners for refining your skin. They serve as a bit of a middleman between the clean canvas you’ve created with your cleanser and the remaining order of skincare products. Why? Toner helps to remove any pesky grime or makeup that you may have missed, plus soak up excess oil and balance skin’s pH level for better absorption.


Step 3: Serum


Lightweight and luxurious, serums are often the heavy lifters in your order of skincare products. They’re packed with all types of nourishing ingredients to protect your skin during the day and seal in nutrients as you sleep, and all it takes is a few drops to make a difference. For your morning routine, try using a serum with hyaluronic acid and/or antioxidants like Vitamin C for all-day protection and hydration. As for your PM regime? Don’t be afraid of anti-aging ingredients like retinol and peptides, as they’ll help you wake up with a youthful and radiant glow.


Step 4: Eye cream


Eye cream is essential for people of all ages and skin types. The skin around your eyes is roughly ten times thinner than the rest of your body, making it more prone to fine lines, loss of elasticity, and early signs of aging. Using an eye cream as early as your 20s can help to ward off these skin issues, while simultaneously helping to reduce dark circles and energize your eyes for a healthier look. If you don’t already have eye cream in your skincare order, it’s never too late to start. Top your eye cream off with our Youth Haus 24k Eye Patches to lock in the benefits!


Step 5: Moisturizer


Last but certainly not least in your order of skincare products, the best moisturizers will keep your skin healthy and hydrated. Applied while the skin is still damp, this product locks in much-needed moisture for nourished and nutrient-rich skin. While hyaluronic acid is a universal ingredient that provides incredible hydration for all skin types, holding up to 1,000 times its own weight in water, the other ingredients in your moisturizer should depend on your skin type. During the day, look for a moisturizer formulated with SPF to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays.


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