The Innovative Skincare Tools You Need to Try

The Innovative Skincare Tools You Need to Try


When you think of technology, you likely conjure up images of phones, computers, and entertainment systems. But technology also plays a significant role in leveling up your complexion routine with skincare tools. The biggest product junkies know that while serums and creams are important, their efficacy improves when combining them with the appropriate skin tools. Of course, new technology breeds new questions like what is the best skin tool? Which facial tool is best? What tools should I use on my face? Whether you want to give your pores a deeper cleaning, get rid of acne, or give your stunning skin an extra dose of plumping, we’ve compiled the best of the best below. Read on to learn more about our favorite, most innovative Skin Gym skincare tools for the face and how they work.


  1. Skin Gym High Frequency Wand

Looking for a way to zap away zits? There’s no better skin tool for treating a breakout than the Skin Gym High Frequency Wand. The device uses high-frequency electrical currents to banish blemishes and works equally well on a lone pimple that pops up overnight and more severe breakouts. This skincare tool comes with three attachments to target specific areas of the face so you can say bye-bye to blemishes for good. If you want a clear complexion, this facial wand is the answer to your acne prayers.


  1. Microinfusion Dissolving Hyaluronic Roller

If you’re looking for a skincare tool to give you soft, smooth, supple skin, the Microinfusion Dissolving Hyaluronic Roller is a holy grail device. Think non-invasive benefits of microneedling. The head boasts 3000 dissolving needling tips made of hyaluronic acid and peptides – meaning the punctures are more healing and less severe than a regular microneedling roller. The tool comes with three replacement heads and should be used one to two times per week for a 5-10-minute session. We recommend applying a layer of our Hydra-Youth Serum prior to rolling for the maximum plumping effect!


  1. Revilit LED Light Therapy

The Revilit LED Light Therapy device is a skincare tool for the face that is “lit” – literally and figuratively. The wireless tool features three types of LED light therapy to combat different skin concerns and is really three tools for the price of one. Whether you’re looking to clear up acne-prone skin, reduce redness and help with anti-aging, or calm the skin and pigment issues, this handheld device does it all! There’s no better investment than yourself and investing in this effective skin tool is affordable.


  1. Ultrasonic Lumiscrub Facial Pro Skin Spatula

If stunning skin is your goal, you’ll want to grab the Ultrasonic Lumiscrub Facial Pro Skin Spatula ASAP! Using micro-currents and advanced ion technology, this skin tool boosts cleansing and exfoliation for every skin type. The tool lifts, moisturizes, cleanses and features an adjustable vibration setting to suit your skin’s needs. Did we mention it’s rechargeable and waterproof too? Talk about technology for the win!


  1. Porie Pro Blackhead Tool

Blackheads be gone! Getting rid of blackheads is an essential step in getting rejuvenated skin but it can be a difficult task to execute at home. Enter the Porie Pro Blackhead Tool, a device that deep cleans pores to refresh your skin and give you a radiant complexion. This skin tool comes with four interchangeable attachments to target different areas of your face and blast blackheads. When you use this skincare tool, the only thing that will be visible on your face is a stunning glow.  


Check more of Skin Gym’s innovative skincare tools and products to help you get that coveted glowing complexion.


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