The 6 Best Skincare Products for Men

The 6 Best Skincare Products for Men

Gone are the days of a bar of soap counting as a complete skincare routine for men – there are plenty of new, beneficial innovative skincare products for men are now available! Whether the man in your life wants to mimic your radiant complexion, practice an anti-aging routine, or just take better care of his skin overall, this guide to the six best skincare products for men from Skin Gym will put him on the right track. Read on to see our picks for the best skincare for men, find out what the most popular skincare products for men are, and learn what should be in a guy’s skincare routine.


  1. Royal Black Diamond Face Mask

Have you ever met a man that doesn’t like charcoal? This kind isn’t for the grill – it’s one of the main ingredients in the Royal Black Diamond Face Mask. This face mask promises that “lit from within” glow both sexes crave. The sheet mask is black, making it masculine while boosting the skin’s brightness. It also boasts collagen, niacinamide, and squalene to keep his skin hydrated and handsome in just fifteen minutes!



  1. Black Obsidian Sculpty Tool

This tool happens to best one of the best skincare products for older men. The Black Obsidian Sculpty Tool is the gua sha every man needs, even if they didn’t know it. The tool’s heart shape allows it to reach every area of the skin when using it for facial massage. It relaxes forehead muscles, sculpts, and defines, cheek bones, and even refreshes under eyes. This black beauty is the perfect addition to every man’s skincare routine, young and old.  


  1. Black Beauty Lifter Vibrating T-Bar

Good vibrations! If your man is into facial massage but isn’t into gua sha, the Black Beauty Lifting Vibrating T-Bar provides similar skincare benefits. This black vibrating facial roller sculpts, defines, and most importantly relaxes your face – important for men since they carry a lot of tension in their jaw. Next time your man feels stressed he can grab this tool, run it upward along his face and neck and repeat six times for instant soothing and rejuvenated skin as a bonus!



  1. Royal Black Diamond Eye Patches

Welcome to the first “good” kind of black eye. No fists are involved with the Royal Black Diamond Eye Patches. These under eye patches share many of the same ingredients and benefits as the aforementioned face mask of the same name. In 15-20 minutes, the charcoal, honey, collagen, and peptides give under eyes a charismatic glow. When time is up, rub the excess serum into the skin. For an extra boost, keep these patches in the fridge and pop them on when you want a rejuvenating boost for your skin and your confidence.



  1. Revilit LED Light Therapy

If your man is in the dark about skincare, the Revilit LED Light Therapy Tool is a great 3-in-one starter. The wireless LED light will and some extra umph to his skincare goals. The light boasts three different colors (blue, red, and green) each one used promote different skin benefits (acne, redness and anti-aging, and pigmentation concerns). Every gadget-friendly guy will appreciate adding this handheld tool to his skincare routine.



  1. Hydra-Youth Serum

The Hydra-Youth Serum is a great skincare product for men with dry or mature skin. The serum’s main ingredient, hyaluronic acid, is a humectant and offers intense hydration while the vitamin C gives the skin’s radiance and brightness a boost. The marine algae adds a more masculine scent and revitalizes the skin making it look more youthful and supple.


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