How to Use Your Microroller Like a Pro

How to Use Your Microroller Like a Pro

There used to be a time when skincare was only associated with the most simple products - cleansers, moisturizers, and serums. And don’t get us wrong, we’re still obsessed with all of these things. But in recent years, we’ve also been introduced to modern and innovative tools that combine beauty and science, and let you take the spa home to you. Like the Skin Gym MicroRoller! This travel-sized device features a roller (or head) packed with up to thousands of tiny, ultra-fine needles - letting you practice microneedling at home in an easy and efficient way. All you need to do is roll across your face in several directions, similar to your traditional beauty roller, to recharge and refresh your skin for the perfect pick-me-up. Nobody likes dull winter skin, and this tool provides a boost of brightness and beauty. Sure, most of the spas are closed in 2020, but you can still do your microneedling at home for your most glowing skin, balanced complexion, a smooth canvas for holiday makeup looks that are just around the corner. While the process is pretty simple, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to achieve the best microneedling results and your most dreamy complexion from derma rolling… and you can find them all below! 


Exfoliate first

One of the greatest microneedling benefits? It allows your pores to “open up” and absorb other skincare products like a dream. Moisturizers, serums, masks… all will soothe the skin and work beautifully after derma rolling. That being said, even the most top-rated microneedling tools (like ours!) do a better job after exfoliating the skin, removing all the dirt, oil, and dead skin that clog your pores. Charcoal is a key ingredient for pulling impurities from the skin, and regular use of our mineral-rich Detoxifying Mud & Charcoal Mask will not only deep clean your pores and leave you with a radiant appearance, but maybe even improve the effectiveness of your microneedling session!

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Use it everywhere 

Let it glow, all over. Most skincare junkies know that dullness and dryness doesn’t just occur on your face, but everywhere on the body. Chapped lips, anyone? And you can glow from head-to-toe after using your MicroRoller just a few times each week. Our MicroRoller 3 Piece Set includes three roller heads - including one specially designed for the body with 1,200 tiny needles. Roll across your arms or legs for all-over illumination that keeps skin healthy and fresh, and finish off your derma rolling moment with one head for eyes and lips that prevents a dry, chapped pout - also reducing the appearance of tired eyes while still staying gentle on the delicate under eye skin. Microneedling is an all-over skincare affair, and you’ll always be covered and ready to glow with our 3-piece set!

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Use gentle ingredients 

Once you initially start microneedling at home, you may notice a bit of minor redness as your skin gets used to the hundreds of tiny needles puncturing your face. Which we promise, is not nearly as bad as it sounds. But while you’re making the adjustments to your skincare routine, it’s best to avoid "intense" ingredients for 48 hours prior to your session. Instead, stick to gentle skincare heroes like Hyaluronic Acid and antioxidants like Green Tea… which only improve microneedling benefits and prevent irritation while your skin gets used to this new technique. Our Hyaluronic Hydragel treatments works wonders on your complexion!

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Take your time 

You don’t need to spend an hour with your Skin Gym Glowie Micro-Derma 192 Roller to get the best microneedling results… and in fact, you definitely shouldn’t. But you should sit down, relax, and take your time as you roll this luxury tool across your face. More specifically, roll it across your face 4-6 times in each direction. Horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. Across your cheeks, down your neck, near the jawline and everywhere else you’re hoping to get a major glow. You’ll get the best microneedling results when you cover every inch of your face and neck, and it’s not too hard to do as you’re using your tool from the comfort of your couch, with the brand new season of This Is Us playing in the background. Yes, please. Grab your derma rolling tool of choice - Glowie or MicroRoller - and roll your way into the ultimate skincare and self-care session.

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Use a mask afterward

Remember how we told you that you should finish your microneedling at home session with your favorite skincare products? We love masks. While you can definitely use a moisturizer or serum, you can also get a little more creative with an eye, lip, or face mask! These masks are the ultimate symbol of self-care, and letting them sit on your face for 15-20 minutes after you’re done microlling at home can deliver incredible results. In fact, our Plumped Up Lip Kit features one MicroRoller and three Skin Camp Rosy Hydra-Gel Lip masks for perfect, petal-soft lips. These masks are enriched with amino acids, collagen, hyaluronic acid, and rose oil… all of which are effortlessly absorbed into the delicate lip skin - with a little help from the tiny puncture wounds from your MicroRoller. Looking to give your entire face a glow up? Youth Haus 24k Gold Face Mask is infused with Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Retinol and Bakuchiol to deliver all the best skincare benefits - hydration, balance, and youthful radiance. Microneedling and masks are a dreamy duo, and your skincare routine will never be the same with these two by your side.

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Microneedling at Home, the Right Way

As you can see, using the Glowie or MicroRoller tools from home is pretty simple! Even if you’re used to microneedling in an esthetician’s office, these devices can still create the glowing, gorgeous, and balanced complexion you deserve. Skincare is all about feeling good and comfortable in your own skin, and how much more comfortable can you get than your own couch? With the holidays just around the corner, now is the time to indulge in the best skincare tools for your loved ones (and yourself!) to create a luminous look, and microneedling at home is the best option to glow hard and stay home all season. 


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