Here’s The Tool Your Skincare Routine is Missing

Here’s The Tool Your Skincare Routine is Missing


When it comes to acne, we’ve tried everything. Fancy overpriced cleansers, tea tree oil and manuka honey, OTC treatments, you name it. That is, we thought we’ve tried everything until now. 

For years, high frequency wands have been the insider secret of estheticians and facialists, but now, with skincare becoming more accessible and wallet friendly, the secrets out. 

Sometimes, you’ve just got to break out the big guns and get serious about your skincare. And while we’ve searched high and low for the ultimate tool to eradicate acne, our search is over. Enter: high frequency wands. 


High frequency wands target acne by killing bacteria and reducing inflammation, banishing breakouts before they even hit the surface of your skin. By using high frequency electrical currents, these tools zap stubborn zits—for good. 

Whether you’ve been dealing with acne for years, or find yourself battling stubborn maskne post-pandemic, consider trying a high frequency wand to banish your blemishes. 

These science-backed tools work by releasing argon gas from electron-powered nodes. The argon gas then emits oxygen to the skin’s surface. And believe it or not, oxygen is actually acne’s worst nightmare. 

Over time, the results say it all. Stubborn zits, deep, cystic acne, and major whiteheads will be cleared up with consistent use. When used safely and properly, these tools can not only get rid of all different kinds of acne, but actually work to prevent future breakouts. Not to mention they refine and rejuvenate skin, so you can say, “acne, where?” 

Skin Gym makes pro-level tools that are easy to use and give you real results—no gimmicks. 


Our Skin Gym High-Frequency Wand for Acne comes with three different attachments to target any form of acne you might be dealing with. 

  • Our dot point directly targets individual blemishes.
  • Our mushroom shaped attachment focuses on larger all-over breakouts.
  • Our spoon shaped attachment helps you easily treat acne on the contours of your face.


Here’s how we like to use it:

  1. Remove makeup with Swipey Makeup Remover Towel, then cleanse skin with our Bare Face Cleanser. Make sure your skin is completely dry before use.
  2. Insert desired attachment and gradually turn the power dial until you feel a slight tingling sensation.
  3. Place a piece of gauze or cotton over the area to be treated.
  4. Move the wand in circular motions over each affected area for 1-3 minutes.
  5. Once you are finished, mask-up! Try our Skin Camp Mud and Charcoal Mask to help with impurities, or our Youth Haus 24k Gold Mask for hydration and glow.

Pro-tip: Don’t use the wand for longer than 20 minutes on your face or risk irritation. 

This tool makes the perfect gift as well. Give it to your bestie ahead of her wedding, or your little sister ahead of college graduation. But we won’t tell if you snag it for yourself. Acne is a real pain, but it doesn’t have to be. 



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