Guide To Masking

how to use a facial mask

Skincare and self-care go hand in hand. But with so many different skincare trends, it can get a little overwhelming. However, there is one staple that everyone should have in their skincare routine. Masks! The benefits of weekly masking are countless. From soothing, to hydrating, brightening, and more, there’s literally a mask for every skin need! Whether you’re looking to brighten your eyes, plump your lips, or smooth out your complexion, we have got you covered––literally! Scroll through to check out our must-have mask collection, and find your perfect mask match! We’ll do our best to mask our excitement.

Face Masks

Vitamin Mask

Our moms always told us to take our vitamins, and now we can apply them directly to our face! Packed with vitamins A, C, D, and E this mask purifies pores while boosting overall radiance and glow. 

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Recovery Mask

Rough night? We’ve all been there, and there’s no better way to recoup than by posting up with a face mask––and maybe a glass of wine. Give your skin a little love with this ultra-hydrating formula for long lasting results. 

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Detoxifying Mud & Charcoal Mask

Struggling with maskne? Then this intensive detoxifying mask is for you! Banish blemishes and impurities with the power of activated charcoal and black mud. 

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Rescue Mask

Have no fear, the rescue mask is here! Fight back against daily skin pollution with an ultra-soothing, calming, and hydrating mask. 

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Sheet Face Masks

24k Gold Sheets

Embrace 24k magic with these coveted gold sheets. Apply with a silk paper, wait 10 minutes, and then gently massage the gold sheets into your skin. Hey Alexa, play Harry Styles Golden!

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Youth Haus 24k Gold Face Mask

A mask that’s fit for a golden goddess. This hydrating mask will give you a youthful radiance while restoring your own natural beauty. Bonus tip: glide a facial roller over the mask to help soak up all of the golden goodness. 

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You can never go wrong with a little black mask! Specially formulated with a blend of Collagen, Peptides and Honey to hydrate and nourish skin, plus Charcoal to gently exfoliate for a radiant and “lit from within” glow. 

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Eye Masks

Skin Camp Hearts Eye Mask

Tired of waking up looking like a member of The Walking Dead? Same. Perk up your eyes in under 20 minutes with a set of patches that’s sure to give you “heart-eyes” in no time. 

SHOP NOW: Hydra-Gel Rosy Hearts Eye Mask (5 Pack)

Youth Haus 24k Gold Eye Patches


Let’s face it, it’s all about the smize these days. De-puff and ban dark circles with 24k gold for a truly “eye-opening” experience. Consider these the gold standard of eye masks everywhere! 

SHOP NOW: 24k Glow & Go Eye Patches (5 Pack

Lip Masks

Rosy Lip Mask

Ditch your ordinary chapsticks and pucker up for a new way to achieve smooth lips. This rose collagen lip mask delivers a burst of hydration for a smoother and more kissable pout. For an added bonus: try chilling them in the fridge for a few minutes before use! 

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Bundle Pack Masks

Mask Bundle

You get a mask, you get a mask, you get a mask! Take self-care to a whole new level with a mask for every skin need. This luxury bundle includes our Golden Glow Face Mask, Glow & Go Eye Patches, Hydra-Gel Rosy Lip Mask, and Hydra-Gel Rosy Hearts Eye Mask. Gift them to loved ones or keep them all for yourself––we won’t tell!

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