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Glow Facial Brush
facial cleansing brush
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Skin Gym Glow Facial Brush

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Jumpstart your skin’s morning glow with a gentle brushing. Our Skin Gym Facial Glow Brush provides a quick, effective workout to freshen and prep skin for the day ahead. The Facial Glow Brush’s soft, all- natural goat-hair bristles is perfect for giving your complexion that extra polish. 

How to Use the Glow Facial Brush:

1. Use the brush to stroke forehead, cheeks, and chin with gentle upward motions to lift facial muscles for one minute.

2. Gently circle each cheekbone, brushing in the direction of the nose.

3. Stroke the brush across the forehead center-away from ‘third eye’ to each temple.

4. Draw the brush under jawline, along neck, and over the collarbone.

5. Finish with serum, and SPF day cream of choice. Do this at least twice a week, for best results, use daily.