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cleo bian gua sha
cleo bian stone gua sha
cleo bian stone gua sha

Cleo Bian Stone Gua Sha

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Meet our Cleo Gua Sha, your skin’s new best friend for a boost of natural radiance and beauty. Made with BIAN stone, this tool is designed with intricate edges to fit every curve and contour of your face, getting to know every section of your skin to better serve your self-care routine. A facial massage from home is the best feeling, ever, and you can enhance your forehead, jawline, and cheeks with just a few daily strokes of this skincare essential. Radiant skin, relaxed facial features, and a ready-to-glow look are just a few of the beauty and wellness benefits you’ll get with Cleo

 How to Use the Cleo Bian Stone Gua Sha