Black Obsidian Sculpty Tool

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Elevate skincare with Black Obsidian Sculpty Gua Sha. Lifts, massages, and sculpts for a youthful, radiant complexion.

A modern take on an ancient beauty ritual, the Black Obsidian Sculpty Tool is a gua sha shaped to target large and small facial areas. Drain and depuff excess volume in your face, chisel out your jawline and cheekbones, and relax your forehead wrinkles with this sculpty tool.

  • Apply a facial oil to clean skin
  • Hold the gua sha against your skin at a low angle
  • Watch our detailed tutorial to target your jaw, forehead, cheeks, and more
  • For each exercise, press down with light pressure and glide the gua sha at the same time
  • Repeat each section’s exercise at least five times 
  • Depuffs skin
  • Relaxes facial muscles
  • Sculpts the face