Model Beauty Blog Post: Jonelle Alert

Model Beauty Blog Post: Jonelle Alert


Jonelle Alert Skin Care Routine & Tips

My name is Jonelle Alert, a last name you can’t forget at that haha. I’m 27 and I was born in a place in South America named Guyana. I moved to an island called Antigua at the age of 4 where I grew up and it has 365 beaches total, so I’m quite the island girl. I started modeling there locally but wanted to expand my career. More so I moved to New York at 21 got signed to an agency and have been modeling model full-time ever since. I’m an only child so I’m very family oriented. I love the beauty in sunsets as I see it as not only as an end but a new beginning.

What Does Beauty Mean To You?

Beauty means taking the time to make yourself feel good on the inside and out!

How Does Skin Care Fit Into Your Lifestyle As a Model?

Skincare is something I prioritized as a model from the beginning. My mom is a cosmetologist so I was lucky I had the guidance and foundation from inception. It’s important to take care of your skin by sticking to the products and a routine that works for you and being consistent at it.

What Is Your Go-To Ingredient For You Favorite Skin Care?

My favorite skincare ingredient is hyaluronic acid. I use the serum as it’s the holy grail of moisturizing agents. I have combination skin so it helps my skin look and feel more supple. 

What Is Your Favorite Skin Gym Beauty Tool?

I’m a big fan of the Gua Sha. I love that it’s made out of amethyst stone too. I try take that time for myself everyday to incorporate Gua Sha into my skincare for that lifted and sculpted look.

What Products And Tools Do You Include in Your Skin Care Routine?

 I currently have a FOREO Luna 3 for combination skin that I use. It’s made out of silicone, and is quick drying and resistant to bacteria build up. I love that it works to remove any makeup, dirt and build up on the face and the best part is that it has a timer for each section of the face so that each part of my face is equally cleansed. 

What Is You Hero Product or Tool?

My hero product would have to be the Tatcha Deep Cleanse. I would say it’s the holy grail of cleansers because it keeps my oily-acne prone t zone under control.  I use it everyday because it’s super gentle on the skin, exfoliates, and turns over dead skin cells and purify any decongested pores and all that good stuff.

What Is the Latest Beauty Trends You’re Currently Loving?

I really don’t follow the trends per se. I just love having clean healthy, glowy skin.

Where Do You Go to Find Beauty Tips And Tricks?

I learn a lot from being in the makeup chair. Having worked with so many makeup artists throughout my career. I’ve always managed to learn something new every time. Also I’m constantly watching beauty tutorials on YouTube.

What Is Your Go-To For Relaxing After a Long Day?

My go-to after a long day is making sure I wash my face before I go to bed. Then I’ll grab a snack and binge watch a good show. 

What Is One Skin Care Secret You Are Willing to Give Away?

I’m sure this is no secret but drink lots of water because healthy skin starts with what you put into your body. It pays off to have a healthy diet, taking your vitamins and the right skincare routine that works for you. Also a lot of people might not know this but wash your hands. Make sure you go into your skincare routine and touch your face with clean hands.


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