4 Under-Eye Patches You Should Try ASAP

4 Under-Eye Patches You Should Try ASAP

It’s about time we talk about under-eye patches, the self-care and skincare essentials that save your look in seconds. They’re the beauty tools that you may or may not have ever known you needed, destined to become a best friend to your concealer and sheet masks that cancel the effects of all-nighters for good. Do we have your attention yet? Because you’re about to energize your eyes and say a forever farewell to dreaded dark circles, puffiness, and dullness. We could go on forever about the way they bring out your baby blues or beautiful browns, but you first need to try the best under-eye patches to truly understand their power.

Dark circles are something that most of us have dealt with at some point. Some are genetically cursed with deep shadows, while others are fans of the late-night Netflix binge or study session that don’t create a cute look. But what if we told you that eye patches for dark circles can give you a last-minute boost of brightness and hydration, along with setting the stage for overall healthier skin? It’s a grand promise that delivers gorgeous results, and this is everything you need to know about the best under eye patches.

What are Under-Eye Patches?

Similar to sheet masks, under-eye patches are pieces of fiber that are soaked in serum and made to address a variety of skin concerns. You simply place them onto your face as you unwind, letting the ingredients soak effortlessly into the skin before removing them. However, under-eye patches are designed a bit differently. They’re made specifically for your delicate undereye skin, which is roughly ten times thinner than the rest of your body, and feature ingredients that help to brighten, tighten, relax, and recharge. Eye patches nourish the sensitive undereye skin more than your average sheet mask, and help to eliminate puffiness, dark circles, uneven texture, dullness, and more for your most energized look.


How to Use Under-Eye Patches?

There are a lot of things to love about the best under eye patches for dark circles, one of which is the simplicity. All you need to do is sit back and relax, watching your favorite show or applying nail wraps, as these tools do all the work for you. Just remove your under-eye patches from the packaging and apply them to clean and dry skin. Let them sit for around 10-20 minutes, remove them, massage excess serum into your face and you’re done. Repeat this process 2-3 times weekly and watch as your look becomes more radiant and rejuvenated than ever with the best under eye patches.


The Best Under-Eye Patches to Try


1. Under Eye Reusable Patches

As the ideal mix of sustainability and self-care, these are the best under eye patches for the eco-friendly! They’re designed to be used alongside your favorite eye serums and can typically be worn as often as you’d like – even daily. Our tip to you? Roll our Rose Quartz Mini Eye Roller across them during your self-care session to boost results and see why they’re the best under eye patches around.

2. Youth Haus 24k Eye Patches

If you thought you loved the 24k gold face mask and lip mask, just wait until you try these eye patches that help your skin feel smooth and sparkling. They’re infused with collagen, retinol, and bakuchiol to produce a youthful appearance, making them a must-have for your preventative anti-aging routine, along with hyaluronic acid to add moisture magic.

 3. Royal Black Diamond Eye Patches

These onyx tools may resemble the sparkling night sky, but ironically happen to be the best under eye patches for dark circles. Royal Black Diamond features a blend of collagen, peptides, and honey for youthful radiance, while charcoal gently exfoliates and removes impurities for a smooth, sparkling look. No dark circles in sight.

 4. Cryocool Eye Patches

Cold therapy has been used for decades to defeat puffiness and dark circles, dating back to 1920s Hollywood when celebrities would dunk their faces in ice water for energized eyes. We’ve come up with a painless and precise way to get these soothing effects, and it all comes back to our Cryocool Eye Patches. With a peptide complex, seaweed extract and vitamin E, you’ll be feeling nourished and naturally youthful (bye, puffiness) with these under eye patches.


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