Under Eye Reusable Patches

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Revive tired under eyes with our eco-friendly Under Eye Reusable Patches made from medical-grade silicone. Use with your favorite eye creams and serums. 

The Skin Gym Under Eye Reusable Patches ensure your skin is soaking up every bit it can of your favorite serums, oils, moisturizers, and more. These eco-friendly patches sit on top of your product to seal in active ingredients and rejuvenate your under eye skin.


  • Apply a thin layer of your skincare and let set for 10 seconds
  • Wet the application side of the patches with water and wait 5 seconds
  • Apply application side to skin and wear for 10-20 minutes or overnight
  • Remove patches and gently massage extra product into skin
  • Wash patches with warm water and dry thoroughly before storing
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Gently stays on skin
  • Supercharges Skincare